Pontoon Boat Enclosure:Keep Your Watercraft Protected AND Safe

Pontoon Boat Enclosure

Do you love Pontoon boats? Well, that’s an obvious question, as you wouldn’t be here seeking more knowledge about pontoon boats unless you loved them. However, we are here to tell you more about Pontoon boats, as they are so delightful and joyful. However, there are multiple variants of Pontoon boats in existence, and we have selected to talk about Pontoon boats that have an exterior shade, which can also be described as an “Enclosure”.  Let us wait any longer and start discussing Pontoon boats with Enclosure.

When it comes to Pontoon Boats with Enclosure, most of them already are equipped with it, whereas some need to be placed manually through custom orders as they don’t usually come with an enclosure. There are no Pontoon boats that have no enclosure, which would mean that Pontoon boats are made to make sure people get some shade whilst enjoying nature on a boat. It’s actually a fantastic idea since you won’t get tired and dehydrated fast due to the raging sun’s rays, and you won’t get any kind of skin burns.

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What are Pontoon boat enclosures made up of?

Well, that is a very interesting question as some might think that they are made of hard durable plastic or some might think that they are made of wooden frames. I’m going to tell you all that these were both the wrong kind of guessing, and we will put an end to guesses by telling you what it is actually made up of. They are built up using polyester fabric which is durable enough and is also fireproof to make sure that it doesn’t catch on fire and burn the whole pontoon boat down.

Apart from the whole enclosure being made up of durable polyester fabric, it also has other elements such as a fiberglass pole framework to support and handle the whole enclosure, zippered entrances to make sure that people can get in and out easily since it isn’t possible to put up a normal big wooden door on a pontoon boat and mesh windows to make sure that there is proper ventilation throughout the pontoon boat.

Why are Pontoon boat enclosures needed?

The installation doesn’t take a lot of time, and it can be used for other purposes such as making the top part a storage section for storing your bags, a sacred place for privacy, and has many other purposes aside from just providing a shade. You don’t need to worry about putting together a pontoon boat enclosure as they aren’t that hard to assemble; you can either hire someone to set it up for you or you can just do it yourself by following the instruction manual it comes with (yes, they all come with an assembling instruction book so that you know how to assemble it).  

Now, why are enclosures added onto Pontoon boats? For starters, they protect you and everybody else from the windy blows and the raging sun rays, as discussed earlier. Apart from the raging sun rays, it will also provide you shelter during heavy rainfall and make sure that you stay dry and not dripping wet which might, later on, cause cold & flu and possibly high fever.

Mainly, they will help you sleep peacefully at night as there won’t be any light from outside bothering you or any other creatures getting onboard your pontoon boat. You and your boat will have a higher chance of danger when your pontoon boat is at a very low speed since that’s when alligators, crocodiles, or other creatures can jump onto your pontoon boat and attack you. Therefore, it’s better to be safe than sorry and get yourself a pontoon boat enclosure.

How many different types of enclosures are there for pontoon boats? Well, there aren’t many, as there are only 3 different types of enclosure for pontoon boats. They are as follows:

Half Pontoon Boat Enclosure:

They are a new kind of enclosures that comes in half, meaning they will only cover half of your pontoon boat instead of the usual full cover-up. This is a pretty decent idea since if you are filling chilly then you can step outside and warm up in the sun and if you are feeling hot, then you can step inside the enclosure and cool down yourself. By equipping your pontoon boat with a ½ enclosure, you can have more fresh air and better ventilation in and out since the air will change faster in a small space.

Full Pontoon Boat enclosure:

What’s better than sitting on your fancy pontoon boat with nothing to protect you from the boiling sun and some privacy? An enclosure of any kind that covers up your boat and by cover up, I mean covering up the top part so that you will get some protection. A full enclosure is very useful as it will cover up your entire pontoon boat thus protecting you and everyone else from all kinds of threats and pollutants present outside. A full enclosure will provide more privacy and protection when compared to a ½ enclosure.

Full Pontoon Boat enclosure

Luxury Pontoon Enclosure:

What to do when you have a pontoon boat and a lot of money you are looking to spend on your pontoon boat? That’s an easy question, as you can just get yourself a new pontoon boat enclosure. However, don’t get the usual normal priced stuff as that won’t suit your status. You need to get a luxurious and magnificent looking enclosure that will have people staring at them the whole time and make their jaws drop. Now, what’s the difference between a luxury pontoon boat enclosure and a normal pontoon enclosure?

Well, a luxury one will obviously cost more and according to general knowledge, anything that costs high means that it is of good quality and will last longer. A luxury enclosure will also have a lot of fancy designs on it. You can either get the ready-made luxury enclosure or you can get your own custom-made luxury enclosure which will go with your own ideas and choices.

Bimini Tops:

They are one of the simplest types of enclosure as you need to work that hard to set up this kind of enclosure. The cloth that is used on a bimini top is slightly heavy, and it also comes with round double-walled aluminum poles to help it stand up. The most crucial benefit of a bimini top is that, it isn’t built for any specific kind of pontoon boat. It can fit onto any kind of pontoon boat without any problem.

Playpen Shades:

As the name suggests playpen, this is a must enclosure if you have kids or pets onboard, they can easily take the help of the shade and protect themselves from the sun’s rays. The material on it is an acrylic-coated polyester which is immune to both UV rays and mildews. It is very lightweight so you won’t have to worry about it falling down due to its weight.

It’s created to make sure that it can fit anywhere between a 22ft to 24ft pontoon boat and as high as a 102 inch beam. You will however need to have a bimini to strap it up and make it functional. The one rule you need to keep in mind with this type of enclosure is that it can’t be put up while the pontoon boat is on the move, as it will block the captain’s view to see the road up ahead. Therefore, only put it up when the pontoon boat is at anchor.

Gazebo shade top:

This enclosure is similar to the playpen shades except that, unlike the playpen shades, you can enjoy the majestic water views whilst staying under the shade of the gazebo shade top. This type of shade is only meant for protection against the sun and not heavy winds or while commanding the vehicle as due to the design of this shade, chances are the boat won’t move properly and might start to move backward instead. Therefore, the only safe and possible method to use this enclosure is while the boat is anchored out and under direct sun.

Rainy Shields:

This is an add-on option when it starts to rain heavily or you hear loud thunderstorms and need to protect yourself from such natural disasters. With the help of polyester webbing straps, they can be tied down pretty strongly and won’t come off that easily. It comes with a marine-grade window which is made of plastic hence allowing you to see without needing to struggle to see what’s going on outside. You will however need to have an existing bimini as you will need to attach your rain shield onto your bimini.

Pontoon Boat Enclosure price:

Now let us talk about the cost when it comes to Pontoon boat enclosures since without knowing its price, it’s hard to choose which type to get as apart from the type, the cost also matters. To start with, good quality the ½ pontoon boat enclosure costs around $450-$850 and no more than that. Secondly, a complete full pontoon boat enclosure costs somewhere between $2000-$4000. A luxurious pontoon boat enclosure’s cost will start from $4000 and keep on rising depending on the material’s quality, durability, company, and design. On the other hand, good quality bimini tops are available at costs around $450-$750.


To wrap things up, pontoon boats are an excellent form of aquatic camping. They are a very calm form of camping. You can go on a pontoon boat camping trip with your family or your buddies from work and enjoy it nevertheless. A pontoon boat with an enclosure keeps you safe and protected and lets you and your camping members enjoy in peace and tranquility, for example, you have your lunch on a pontoon boat that has no enclosure and suddenly a heavy breeze of wind comes and knocks away the food plate from someone’s hand and creates a mess.

Now, we don’t want that, therefore the wise choice would be to get a pontoon boat enclosure. A Pontoon Boat Enclosure is like an upgrade from the basic level, which is a pontoon boat with no shade up top and around it. hoping that this piece of the article was able to help you on the basic idea about Pontoon Boat Enclosure. If you have any other questions about camping, then you can refer to our other articles which might help you.


How wide is a pontoon boat?

Pontoon boat width – pontoon boats come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from the very narrowest of vessels that can fit only two people side-by-side, to the roomy and wide boats that can accommodate up to 12 people.
Generally, the wider the pontoon boat is, the more stable it will be in rough water and on choppy waters. When looking for a pontoon boat, it’s important to consider how much room you’ll need on board as well as your specific needs – such as storage capacity or a number of seats – before settling on a particular size.
Width is not always a determinant of boat stability; some very narrow boats are quite stable, while others with wider beams can be less so in rougher conditions.

How fast does a pontoon boat go?

Pontoon boats are a lot of fun to ride in, but do they go as fast as you might think? In fact, pontoon boats can actually go quite a bit faster than you may think. Pontoon boats typically range in speed from around 15-25 mph, so if you’re looking for a leisurely ride on the water, a pontoon boat may not be the best option. But if you’re hoping to hit some high speeds, a pontoon boat may be your best bet.

Can you enclose a pontoon boat?

Yes, A pontoon boat can be enclosed with a waterproof enclosure. This will keep the boat dry if it is raining or snowing outside. A pontoon boat enclosure can also protect the boat from weather damage. Make sure to use the correct type of enclosure for your pontoon boat.

Can you put a bimini top on backward?

Yes, it is possible to put a bimini top backward. The process is simple and only takes a few minutes. However, be sure to follow the proper steps in order to avoid any damage to your boat or yourself.
First, make sure that your boat is level and secure on the trailer. Next, unhook the bungee cords that hold the bimini top in place. Finally, flip the top over so that it rests against the boat. Make sure that all the tabs are lined up correctly before securing them with screws or nails.

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