Pismo Beach Camping:An ultimate Weekend Escape 2022

Pismo Beach Camping

Pismo Beach is known for its long sandy beaches and clear waters, making it a popular destination for beach camping. While there are several spots on the beach where camping is allowed, the most popular spot is situated just north of Pismo Beach proper on the bluffs above the beach. Here, visitors can find a wide variety of campsites and scenic viewpoints that offer stunning views of the Pacific Ocean.

History of Pismo beach camping:

Pismo Beach is a unique place because it is both a town and a beach. Camping in the town has been an important part of its history for as long as people have visited. The first campgrounds were established in the early 1900s and attracted visitors looking for a place to relax and enjoy the ocean.

Today, there are several campgrounds scattered throughout Pismo Beach, each with its own unique character and amenities. Whether you’re looking for a secluded spot to pitch your tent or want to be right on the sand, Pismo Beach has something for everyone.

Directions: How to get to Pismo Beach camping

To get to Pismo Beach camping, visitors will need to take Highway 1 south from Los Angeles. The beach is about an hour’s drive from the city and can be reached by turning off of Highway 1 onto Pismo Beach Road. Once on Pismo Beach Road, visitors will see a number of turnoffs leading to campsites. There are also several RV parks located nearby that offer full hook-ups as well as amenities like showers and laundry facilities.


  1. You aren’t allowed to have a bonfire anywhere you want. You can only have them on the State Beach, which is located in the South of the North Prismo Beach.
  2. Furthermore, you cannot camp on the beach at the city of Prismo Beach, but instead, you need to some specific areas which are located in the south of the town.
  3. Furthermore, you can neither sleep on the beach nor your car outside the campground facilities and if you are caught by the authorities; they will force you to leave the spot.
  4. If you own a dog and want it to accompany you, then I come bearing bad news, as dogs are not allowed in Pismo Dune Reserve.

What makes Pismo Beach camping so special?

Pismo Beach, located in San Luis Obispo County on the Central Coast of California, is known for its long stretch of sandy beaches and crystal clear ocean waters. What makes Pismo Beach camping so special, however, is the community atmosphere that pervades the area.

Families with children, couples looking for a romantic getaway, and young professionals seeking a laid-back beach town all find what they are looking for at Pismo Beach. The beach town amenities include restaurants, bars, and nightlife; while the surrounding nature provides hiking trails, breathtaking views, and plenty of wildlife viewing opportunities.

The beauty of Pismo Beach camping:

Pismo Beach is one of the most scenic and beautiful places to camp in California. Its warm, sandy beaches and clear, blue oceans make it a perfect place to spend a weekend or a week. Pismo Beach camping is an easy way to enjoy the beauty of the area without spending a fortune on accommodation.

Actually, I can inarguably say that I am very fortunate to see the beauty of Pismo early in the morning, middle of the day as well as the astonishing sunset view. You will enjoy different beauty at different times of the day. When I am sharing the experience with you, I feel like I am still standing on the beach, feeling the breeze and waves evacuating all my tiredness and pain that are I am carrying out for a long. To explain the beauty of pismo beach, I will take a few mins more from you.

From the very begging of the morning, You will get a very welcoming view from the beach. The morning view from the beach is simply stunning, with the waves crashing against the shoreline and the sun rising brightly in the sky. The sand is white and clean, with no debris or seaweed obstructing your view. There are also many palm trees lining the beach, providing shade during hot summer days.

Pismo Beach is a serene and beautiful place that is perfect for nature lovers. The beachfront is lined with cliffs, rocks, and forest, making it a great spot to take in the sights and sounds of the natural world. The sand is white, and the waves are gentle, perfect for swimming or just taking in the beauty of nature. Pismo Beach also has many trails that lead through the woods and over rocky cliffs. There are even several beaches that you can access by boat or kayak. Whether you’re looking to relax on the beach or explore its many secrets, Pismo Beach is definitely worth visiting.

Sunset view of Pismo beach

The sun sets behind the waves crashing onto the beach at Pismo Beach. The golden light casts a beautiful glow over everything as people begin to gather together, taking in the last minutes of this beautiful day. Pismo Beach is a beautiful place to take in the sunset. The sky turns orange, then red, as the sun sets behind the cliffs in the distance. The waves are gentle and the sand is warm underfoot. It’s a lovely spot to relax and enjoy a peaceful moment.

There are plenty of free campsites available, and many of them have access to great swimming and surfing spots. If you’re looking for something more luxurious, there are also several privately owned campsites that offer all the amenities you could want. No matter what your preferences are, Pismo Beach has something for everyone.

Morning view of pismo beach.

Camping options :


Activities are allowed:

  • Fishing
  • Hiking
  • Cycling
  • Horseback riding
  • Swimming
  • Basic surfing and windsurfing
  • Scuba diving and Snorkeling
  • Wildlife exploration

What is Pismo Beach Campgrounds?

Pismo Beach Campgrounds is a small, family owned campground located on the eastern tip of Pismo Beach. It consists of two campgrounds – Lower Pismo and Upper Pismo – that offer a total of 131 campsites, each with a picnic table, fire ring and grill. Amenities include toilets and hot showers. The campground is open from May to October.

What makes Pismo Beach Campgrounds so special?

For starters, the view is the most fascinating part of the Pismo Beach campgrounds. The view is breathtaking from both of the campground points. One of them is the North Beach Campgrounds and the other is the Oceano Campground. Let’s dive deep into both these campgrounds and know about their specialty.

North Beach Campground

To begin with, this specific campground comes with its own campfire station and access to tent camping spots. The only downfall is that it does not come with any kind of RV hook-up spots, but at least it comes with the other 2 mentioned earlier. The Monarch Butterfly Grove is located near the campground, which makes it easily reachable. Now, when it comes to views,  you can easily go to the beach and enjoy it and along with it also get to experience Carpenter Creek.

Oceano Campground

While this one does not allow access to any kind of campfire spots, they do however have both the tent camping spots and the RV hook-up spots which is highly beneficial for RV users. Now, for sightseeing, you can also reach the beach very easily and experience the mesmerizing view. Even though you can’t reach Carpenter Creek from this campground, you can instead go on an adventure and travel among the wildlife and also experience a freshwater lagoon.

Avila/Pismo Beach KOA

This is a very beautiful campground and it takes only 10 minutes to reach this destination from Pismo Beach. Words and pictures won’t do justice to how beautiful this campground is as it is surrounded by hills in a canyon.  This campground is around 40 feet long and has a lot of bike paths around it. When it comes to amusement, you don’t have to worry about any of those as it is filled with it left and right.

If you want to go somewhere distant, then you can experience the farm and pet some farm animals while riding some hayracks. If you are looking for diving, look no further as there is a pool on the campground where you can dive endlessly.  However, this campground has no rule on personal vans and tents and you are not sanctioned for car camping.  Connecting to that, you are also not allowed to burn any sort of pellets, woods, or anything that can burn and cause smoke since the campground is a no-smoke zone.

Pismo Sands RV Resort

This resort isn’t just an ordinary kind of resort. This resort has won several awards including “The Best Medium-sized Park in California” awarded by the California Travel Parks Association. Its resort deserves its award as it stands up to its name. The resort has its Jacuzzi and heated pool on-premise. If you are looking out to stretch out your legs, then you can head straight to the Pismo beach which is a 10 minute drive. This campground provides 133 sites with all resources and these sites are on grass. The only downfall is that personal camping tents are not allowed.

Coastal Dunes RV park and Campground

This campground has a total of 232 sites on its campground with grass on it and has its own showers, heated swimming pools, restrooms, and laundromats. Apart from those, this campground will also let you bring your own RV. If you are in the mood to go to the beach, it will take you approximately 10 minutes to walk over there and even quicker if you are using a car. The only downfall is that this campground is located beside the Grover Beach Amtrack Station so which means railroads and that means louder noises most of the time as trains will pass by. 

Facilities at pismo campgrounds:

The campgrounds provide multiple types of facilities for both RV and non-RV users. If you are looking for camping in a tent, then they have family campsites for setting up your own tent. If you aren’t looking for the traditional camping method and want to do it in a bit more comfy way, then you can use an RV.

There are multiple options for RV users first, they have extra RVs so if you don’t have one or didn’t bring you, then you could rent one. Secondly, if you have an RV from earlier on, then you can take it to the spots where RVs are allowed for camping. Lastly, if you bring an RV but want to do it the traditional camping method, then you can park your RV somewhere inside and then head onto the family campsites.

Safety at Pismo Beach:

  • At Pismo beach there is tight safety and security so no worries to get lost there.
  • Moreover, you will find instructions on every corner.
  • If you want to swim in blue water, no worries about sinking because there are a couple of bay watchers always following you.
  • swimmers should be aware of rip currents and jagged rocks in the water.
  • Surfers should be aware of waves that may become bigger and more dangerous without warning.
  • If you get lost and can’t find your way back to your family, friends or your camping tent, ask a nearby adult where are you now and which way is your camping tent set up.
  • Always make sure to cover your food from nearby animals and insects.
  • Review your camping spots for any kind of insect nests, poisonous plants and all kinds of dangerous stuff.
  • Always keep a first aid kit with you because you never know when you might need it since it’s easier to get hurt in the open.

Pismo beach camping reservations:

When it comes to reservations, you can’t just go there and demand a spot for camping. You need to contact the people in charge over there and then reserve your own spot. These spots are not available at that moment or a day or two later. The waiting list is so long that you need to reserve your own spot at least 6 months prior. You can contact them either by phone or online.

  • Phone number: 1-800-444-7275
  • Calling hours- 8:00am till 6:00pm Pacific Time

Cost: Is it affordable to visit Pismo Beach Campgrounds?

Not everyone has the same amount of money, so sometimes you might be wondering, can you afford to visit the Pismo Beach Campgrounds? Well, it depends on what kind of activities you will be doing there and what type of camping will you be settling onto?
The cheapest option for camping is $25 and it goes all the way up to $195. So, worry not as there are plenty of options for you to choose from.

Can you camp on pismo beach for free?

Pismo Beach County prohibits camping on public beaches. However, there are a few places you can camp for free if you’re willing to get creative.
One option is to stay in a parking lot or private property that’s been designated as a camping area. Another option is to find an undeveloped section of the beach and set up your tent or hammock without disturbing anyone else. You’ll need to check with the park service in each town before attempting this, though, as some have restrictions on where and how much camping is allowed.

Is Pismo state beach open for camping?

Pismo State Beach is one of the most popular state beaches in California. Visitors can enjoy the ocean view, swimming, surfing and fishing. The beach is also open for camping. However, there are some restrictions on where you can camp and how long you can stay. You are not allowed to camp within a hundred yards of the beach or within a hundred feet of any public access area. You are also not allowed to camp in any natural or man-made streams that flow into the ocean.

Is Pismo beach dunes open for camping?

The dunes at Pismo Beach State Park are a popular spot for camping, but the beach itself may not be open to camping. According to park officials, “the sand is too hot and there are too many rocks.” Some campers do find alternative spots on the beach away from the dunes.

Can you tent camp on Pismo beach?

Yes, you can tent camp on Pismo Beach. However, due to the rocky terrain and potential for flooding, it is not recommended to do so. There are a few designated areas where camping is allowed, but other than that it is best to stay on the paved walkways or in designated campgrounds.

Can you camp on Pismo beach

Pismo Beach is one of the most popular locations to camp in California. The beach is located only a short drive from the city of Santa Cruz and offers stunning ocean views. There are several designated campsites, but if you’re looking for a bit more privacy, there are several spots on the beach where you can pitch your own tent. The sand is soft and there’s plenty of room to spread out, making it an ideal spot for a summer camping trip.

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