Kayaking camping trips: Tips for an enjoyable experience

Kayaking camping trips

We all love to camp, from kids in the boy’s scout to the old grandpa going on a peaceful and quiet retreat with their remaining friends. It’s not like camping is an education matter that needs to be studied and taken seriously. Camping is a fun activity that should be done every once in a while to keep the mind healthy and ensure that your body gets the proper sunlight, movement, and all the other kinds of stretching a body require but won’t get appropriately in the city life.

Kayaking camping trips can be a great way to spend a weekend while enjoying the outdoors. With a little planning and some basic knowledge, you can make the most of your kayaking experience and make the most of your time with friends.

However, one might think that camping is all about just setting up a tent and making s’mores by the campfire. That’s not what camping is all about as there are lots and lots of activities that you can do while camping starting from hiking, climbing trees, and eating fresh fruits handpicked from trees directly to swimming, diving, seashell collecting, and many other kinds of activities that will take over the whole day if we keep naming them one by one. Among the activities, we have kayaking. Not everyone is familiar with it and might confuse it with something related to kites. However, you mustn’t worry, as we will get down to business, talk about kayaking, and familiarize you with it.

If you’re unfamiliar with the kayaking rules, read our article on safe kayaking trip tips. Camping trips can be great for a quick hour or two out of the everyday, but if you’re not careful, you could get injured or even get lost. Make sure you take the necessary precautions before planning your next camping trip!

If you are interested in learning more about kayaking, you can read our article on Camping and kayaking-This is What a Weekend Sounds Like

What are the best kayaking camping trips for families?

This section shares our experience and advice on families’ best kayaking camping trips. We also give you tips on what to bring, where to go, and what to do on your kayaking camping trip.

It’s a great idea to have a good time when you are doing something with your family. You can do this by going on a kayaking camping trip. If you want to go kayaking camping, you should know what to do. You can get the information you need from this article.

There are many places to go to have a great time with your family. You can go to a lake, a river, or the ocean. You will feel like you are a part of nature as you kayak through the woods. This is a great way to spend some quality time with your kids. Safety Tips before going out on a kayaking adventure, ensure you are aware of all the safety precautions you should take.

First, When planning your kayaking camping trip, you should ensure that you have the right equipment. For example, you should have a good kayak and paddle. You should also bring a tent, a sleeping bag, and a cooler.

Next, You should decide what kind of kayak you want to use. Furthermore, you should consider your family size and whether it is a single or double kayak. Also, make sure that you have enough space for your gear. You may need to go to a second-hand store or online shopping site to get the right size. You can also ask a friend with a kayak to lend you his or her kayak. If you don’t have one, you can rent a kayak for the day from a local kayak rental company.

When kayaking, you should wear your PFD or Life Jacket. In addition, when kayaking, you must ensure you do not wear jewelry or metal items, such as watches. Also, ensure you do not wear loose clothing like skirts or shorts. You will feel like you are a part of nature as you kayak through the woods. You should also wear a hat and sunscreen to enjoy the sun while you kayak.

You can talk to the park rangers, the guides, and the instructors. You can also call the companies that provide kayaking trips. They can give you the information you need. Let us take a look at the possible sites for kayak camping.

Kayak Tour at the Orca Basecamp

This is a great site where you can kayak camp without worrying about anything else. As the name suggests, you will see Orcas whole kayak camping, which is a very pleasing experience as you usually don’t get to see it. This tour is for four days, which also includes 3 nights. If you want to book this tour, you will need to book several months earlier, as this tour will start in July and end in September.

Even if you are not on a kayak, just lie down on the beach chairs near the shore, and you will Odays,rcas jumping out of the water and diving back in. Now, that is a view that no one wants to miss. Apart from the Orcas sightseeing, there are a lot of other activities you can do on this tour, starting from hiking, historical site viewing and talks, wildlife sightseeing, and of course, tide pooling.

With every activity comes a price. To book this tour, adults are allowed, and children have to be over 12 years old for children, it will cost $1250 per head, whereas, for adults, it will cost $1350 per head. It got all positive reviews so, which means that it’s neither a fraud nor a boring event that will just waste your time.

Kayaking at the Galapagos Island

When you hear the word Galapagos, your mind will definitely go towards the Galapagos Giant Tortoise and that means you will definitely get to see at least one Galapagos Giant Tortoise and they are one giant creation that cannot be missed on this trip. Apart from this, you will get to see some other wildlife animals such as, land and marine iguanas, Sally Light foot crabs, Galapagos Hawk, and the list goes on.

Compared to the Orca Basecamp kayak tour, this one is slightly longer as this one goes on for 6 days which means more activities and more kayaking. Imagine waking up and walking out of your tent to see the magnificent view which would leave you drooling, like who wouldn’t want that? Your journey will start by staying overnight at the Quito, Ecuador’s capital city. Once the sun rises up, you will be up in the air and on the first flight flying to the Galapagos and the Island of San Cristobal.

Every single activity starts from that moment onwards, starting with kayaking. You will be kayaking for the next 3 days all around the place and exploring new areas. Another amusing activity that you can do is snorkeling near the Kicker Rock spot, and over there, you will get to see all kinds of stunning aquatic creatures starting from Galapagos shark, white-tipped shark, eagle rays, turtles, king angelfish, marble ray, and the list keeps on going on. Once you are done with your 6th day, they will fly you back to Ecuador or you can extend your package by paying some extra costs.

Unlike the previous tour, this one is all year round and not just during July, August and September, which means you can book anytime you want without worrying it about being completely booked. For age restrictions, adults of all age can go but children only above the age of 7 years old are allowed to go, so if you have a kid below 7 years old, then you will need to hire a babysitter to look after it at home. However, compared to the Orca Basecamp kayak tour, the costs are extremely high here as it is $3700 per person, which applies to both adults and kids.

Kayak tour on Humpback base

What’s the fun in kayak camping if you don’t get to see some aquatic creatures while doing it? However, you won’t just get to see any usual kind of aquatic creatures this time but instead, you might just as well get a chance to see the Mighty Glorious Humpback whale. That is something that you don’t see every day, which is why it makes it such a delightful treat.

Your journey will start from Vancouver Island’s northern town of Port McNeill, and you will start by going onto water taxis don’t worry about getting lost as there will be a highly educated guide helping you with everything unknown to you. Worried about what to eat? Worry not anymore as there will fine dining and regional wine available for you all the time.

The whole tour is for 4 days which is plenty of time to explore new grounds. More time means that you will have plenty of time to have fun by doing a lot of activities starting from hiking through the green bushy forest, paddling through bays that humans have never touched before or not much, sightseeing and getting the chance to see wildlife animals that you won’t find anywhere else and the list goes on and on. One of the most magnificent views that I experienced while kayaking was when the humpback whales were doing their annual migration and sea eagles were ascending higher, and that was a scene that mustn’t be missed.

Apart from humpback whales, you will also see Pacific white-sided dolphins and some seals having fun near your campsite. Once your 4 day tour is over, you can also choose to extend it for a chance to go visit the Knight Inlet where you can see grizzly and wild black bears’ habitats and their usual lifestyle but make sure to maintain your distance.

What are the agendas that need to be considered while booking this tour? Let’s start with the age and adults of any age are allowed to go whereas children have to be over the age of 14 years old to go on this tour. This is a seasonal tour, which means that it won’t be available all year round, and you will need to book earlier to avoid already booked spots. This tour is only for 2 months, from the beginning of June to the end of July. The pricing isn’t as expensive as for adults, it costs $1350 per head, and for a child, it costs $1250 per head. It got all positive reviews from almost everyone, which means that it is a fun ride that mustn’t be missed at all.

Now that we have gone over the basics about kayaking let us now take a look at Tips for a successful kayaking camping trip that might help us during our kayak camping.

Kayak camping tip 1:  Always carry cans instead of bottles

When it comes to waste, nobody likes it since it’s dirty and there’s also the whole clean-up process. Once cleaned up, you will need to take the garbage bag and dispose of it properly and it might be heavy if you aren’t using the right materials.

Always make sure to carry cans instead of plastic bottles since once you are done with a can, you can easily crush and make it smaller, reducing the space needed inside a garbage bag. Apart from that, plastic bottles aren’t eco-friendly and we don’t want to take something with us that will pollute our surroundings instead of decomposing after quite some time.

Kayak camping tip 2: Stay hydrated at all times

Staying hydrated is a very important factor that must be maintained whether you are kayak camping or not. As a matter of fact, it is more important to stay hydrated while you are camping rather than when you are not camping. And why is that? It is because while you are camping, you will be moving here and there more, you will be doing a lot more activities than usual, your body will sweat a lot more since it’s you will be outside and not in a cold AC room and these activities can physically drain a person and make them dehydrated if they don’t consume water for a long time. Given the fact that you will be paddling a kayak most of the time, your body will need more water and frequently to make sure that your legs have the ability to paddle without getting tired too often.

You might think that since you are kayaking on water, it won’t affect if you take a sip of the water from the water bodies because water is water, am I right? Let me stop you right there and tell you why it’s a bad idea. The bottled water we drink at home or work or basically the ones we buy from supermarkets are completely refined and purified, meaning that absolutely no bacteria or harmful substances are present in it.

The water on top whether it’s freshwater or seawater has a lot of harmful substances such as bacteria, parasites, tiny organic creatures viruses and many other substances that could possibly cause water-borne diseases such as cholera, typhoid, diarrhoea and many others and we don’t want to fall sick in the middle of a camping trip since it will ruin everything. The case with seawater is the same except that the water is heavily salty which means that drinking seawater will make you thirstier instead of fixing your thirstiness. Not only that as drinking seawater will instantly make you sick which will lead to the camping experience turning into a disaster.

Now, how can we fix this problem and stay hydrated at all times? For starters, always carry a water bottle with you no matter where you are going whether it’s for a hike or for fishing or even for kayaking. If you think you will be out for longer or going somewhere far, then I would suggest having a small gallon of water with you since you will be out for longer, you will need to consume more water to keep yourself hydrated and keep the body moving. You won’t have access to water all the time which is why it’s better to carry a bottle and be prepared instead of facing the situation.

Kayak camping tip 3: Making sure that you eat properly

When we get hungry, we eat. When we feel that our strength is fading away, we eat. Before doing any kind of work, we eat. Eating is a very important aspect in a human’s life as eating food is the most common way to gain energy and strength, and it keeps our body functioning and allows us to live for a very long time. We will die pretty quickly if we decide to stop eating.

Compared to eating at home, you will need to consume more food during kayak camping since your body will be on doing this and that most of the time and will need more energy than usual to function properly. One of the best food that you can eat while kayak camping is rice since it’s carbohydrate, it will provide your body will be a massive boost of energy and make sure you are full instead of hungry after a while.

However, you can always eat rice as it will get boring for your taste buds and you will need something different to feed yourself. Luckily, in that case, canned foods will come to your rescue. Canned foods are created to last for a very long time and they come in a variety of choices such as canned meat, canned corn, canned carrots, canned pickles, canned tuna and many more. You can mix it up with your rice and pasta and have something for a change instead of having plain old boring rice for every meal.

Once you are done with canned food, you can move on to the next container of food, and that is the dried food section. Dried food won’t get bad for a very long time and that makes them a very good food option for camping since you won’t have a refrigerator to store your food nor have any idea on how long you might be camping since plans can change any minute. You can get a variety of dried food such as nuts, chips, popcorn, chocolate, sunflower seeds, oats, granola bars, and the list goes on. However, make sure that you don’t pack up too many sweet items, as consuming a huge amount of sugary substance can cause sugar rushes.

Let’s get to the protein section, and you have basically two options in this case. First, you can pack up frozen meat as by the time you are done with the food items up top; you can start to cook your meat as it will take a very long time for them to defrost properly. It will take maybe around 1-2 days for the meat to defrost completely and properly. The second option is fish. You can spend money and time to buy and prepare the fishes at home and then freeze them to bring them on the camping trip with you, or here’s another better idea. All you need is a fishing rod or net, and you can just easily catch fishes from the sea or river where you are kayak camping and then cook them there themselves quickly.

Kayaking rafting tips 4:

Kayaking rafting trips can be a great way to enjoy the outdoors. This activity can be done on a river or in an ocean. different areas have different conditions that make kayaking an ideal option. It is important to bring the right items for each trip.

When going on a rafting trip, it is important to bring a water bottle, sunscreen, hats, an inflatable kayak, a paddle, lifejackets, sun shades, and insect repellent. and insect repellent as well as a first-aid kit. Kayakers should also bring sturdy shoes and good sunglasses to avoid getting too sun-damaged. When rafting in areas with high water levels, it is important to bring along flotation devices such as vests or oars. Kayakers should also make sure they have enough water and food for their journey.

 Additionally, it is helpful to know when the rafting trip will start to ensure you have enough time to pack everything you will need.

Kayaking fishing tips 5: Tips for choosing the right spot and fish

Kayaking fishing trips can be a fantastic way to enjoy the great outdoors and catch some delicious fish. However, there are a few key things you should keep in mind when choosing the right spot and fish for your trip.

For example, if you’re looking for an ideal kayak spot, choose a location that’s easy to access and has plenty of water available. Additionally, always look for fish that are active and willing to take a chance on you.

If you’re lucky enough to find some great fish during your kayaking fishing trips, don’t forget about taking them home with you! Use these tips to help make the best choices for your next fishing trip:

. First, research the area in which you want to go fishing. This will help you find the best spots for casting your line and watching your fish fry.

2. Next, consider what type of fishing you want to do. Kayakers who only want to catch bass can cast their line into deeper water, while kayakers who want to catch catfish can reach them closer to the surface with their poles.

3. Finally, take into account your budget when deciding where to go fishing.


To sum up, kayak camping is a very fun activity that must be experienced at least once in your lifetime. It doesn’t take effort or equipment to go kayak camping. However, I must advise again to wear a life jacket before you hop onto your kayak boat as anyone can drown anytime therefore, it’s better to be safe than sorry. You will come across many different kinds of fishes while kayak camping and experience many marvelous views that are just simply breathtaking to explain.

Always make sure to pick the best kayak boat while shopping, as choosing a not so great kayak boat might cause severe problems later on when the real task begins. Avoid packing up too much,as it will only just make the whole package heavier. Instead, just make sure to pack the essentials that you must need while kayak camping. Hoping that this piece article was able to help you on the basic idea of Kayak camping and tips about it. If you have any other questions about camping, you can refer to our other articles that might help you.

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