How to Shower While Winter Camping-7 Survival guide for winter showering

How to Shower While Winter Camping

Concerned about how to shower while winter camping? We can see that in movies while camping, everyone is clean and wearing new clothes all the time. However, in reality, that is a sophisticated job and requires a lot of effort as the forests are filled with dirt and leaves and many other objects which make it hard to stay clean due to showering outside can be a bit tricky and not to even mention the freezing weather outside. No worries, we will guide you about the problem throughout the article.

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At first, you won’t feel dirty but as time passes on, you’ll start to feel itchy and dirty and smelly, which will force you to take a shower.

What to take:

  • Before departing for camping in the wilderness, you have to make sure to take a vessel in which you can heat some water for showering. You can use snow if water isn’t available nearby or if water is scarce, but remember to use a huge amount of snow because it takes a lot of snow to make a bit of water.
  • Taking a Propane Shower Tank. It is a new method of showering in the cold wild. They don’t require much effort, as they are basically a shower in a box.
  • You can also take a solar camping shower if the place is bright and sunny, as it will use the sun to generate heat.

Threats during shower in winter camping :

There are lots of threats that appeared during showers in winter, especially in wild weather. Most areas are covered with snow or ice, so you cannot identify the problems completely. Here we try to discuss a few severe threats and their solutions, let’s dive here :

Getting warm water:

It is not easy to find warm water anywhere at all in the cold forest in the middle of winter. Therefore, in that case, you have to heat up cold water and that will take up some time and resources.

Retrieving back the body temperature:

After you are done showering in the cold wild, you have to make sure to get back your body temperature to normal body temperature, or else you might end up catching a cold, or it’s the endless shivering for you.

Lack of Freshwater:

Unlike summer, you won’t find any sort of freshwater lake or anything at all, as, during winter, it’s all frozen up. You have to take extra water to heat up for the shower. You can also use snow, as there will be tons of snow in the wild. Furthermore, you have to make sure that the snow is clean and doesn’t have any sort of dirt in it. You’ll also need to use a lot of snow, and they don’t give much water.

Catching cold and Hypothermia

Taking a shower in the cold windy wild is a risk as you are more prone to diseases and catching a cold and possibly even hypothermia. Hypothermia is a serious condition, which leads to the body dropping temperature rapidly and possibly induces cardiac arrest, and leads to several respiratory problems. According to statistics, around 1500 people die every year mainly due to hypothermia in the United States.

Well now that we have looked at and discussed potential threats while taking a shower in the cold wild, let us discuss the solutions to these threats.

How to Shower While Winter Camping-solutions:

Locating an appropriate place for taking a shower:

You will not find any type of built-in showering stalls in the wild. You have to search for an appropriate place by yourself to take a shower. The place has to be clean and make sure the surroundings are covered for privacy reasons. There must be some sort of drainage created or else the water will all clog up under your feet and create a mini pond. Make sure the place is sunny so that you do not risk suffering from hypothermia, as a sunny spot will dry up and heat up your body quickly. Make sure the place is not windy, so the suitable place would be between some rocks or tall trees.

An appropriate place for taking a shower

Buying a shower tent:

Shower tents??? That’s right. You heard me right. Shower tents were created recently for the sole purpose of taking a shower within them without needing an extra room of any sort. You can just put it up anywhere and voila, you are able to take a shower just right there at the moment. It reduces wind blowing towards the body hence reducing shivering and with its built-in insulation, you don’t feel cold and are comfortable while taking a shower. It also reduces the risk of catching a cold, fever, hypothermia, and many other diseases.

Methods of taking a shower in the wild:

Propane Heated Shower: They are a new invention created to help with taking showers in the wild without spending much effort. All it needs is propane gas to heat up the water and that is it. You can even use that hot water for cooking and washing. However, they do take up space and are quite heavy to carry, and they are pretty expensive.

Gravity shower: They are the most fun and the cheapest way to take a shower in the cold wild. All you require is a bucket or a vessel, which is able to withstand hot temperature, make a few holes in it, and just hang it up. All you have to do is just heat up the water on top of the campfire before taking a shower with it. It requires minimum effort and the items are not that heavy.

Gravity shower

Solar Energy shower: They are a renewable source of the shower, as the device heats up the water using sunlight. The black bag absorbs the heat from the sun and the surroundings and uses it to heat up the water. It is cheaper as it needs no source of gas and electricity. However, it will not work well in a cloudy area, as it requires plenty of sunlight.

Using Ice Water: if you find a lake nearby you’re camping which is covered with ice, no worries. Just follow these easy steps here :

Step 1: First, you need to warm up your body so that your body can absorb the cold naturally.

Warm up your body
Warm up your body by running

Step 2: Now you need to dig in the ice covered area to bring out the water for swimming.

Clear ice covered lake for showing

Step 3: Now just take a few seconds for adjusting the water temperature before diving into it.

Adjusting body temperature with cold water

Step 4: Final steps to dive into the water for swimming for couple mins to wash your body completely .

Dive into the ice water to showering

Here are some other tips to help you while showering in the cold wild:

More tips for showering in the cold:

  • Do not waste water, as water is not in unlimited quantity. Therefore, you have to make sure you try to use every single drop of water and keep the water usage low to prevent wasting.
  • Once you are done with your shower, wear back your new clothes as soon as possible to keep your body warm. So make sure that the clothes are nearby so that you can reach it easily. Once you wear your new clothes, try to regenerate your body heat back quickly by sitting near a campfire or under a blanket. It will help you to prevent cold and flu and several other diseases.
  • Using a normal soap and shampoo is not an ideal option, as it will require more water to clean it off. Therefore, in that case, you can use a wet towel to get off the dirt from your body, or you can use a dry shampoo to keep your hair clean.
  • You can also swim in nearby lakes and ponds if they are not frozen. However, it isn’t advisable during heavy winter as you may catch a cold or even get hypothermia from there.


How do I get a warm shower when camping?

There are a few ways to get a warm shower when camping. One way is to use a solar shower bag. These bags are filled with water and then hung in the sun to heat up. Once the water is hot, you can use it for a shower.
Another way to get a warm shower is to use a portable propane heater. These heaters can be set up near your campsite and used to heat up water for your shower.

How does the solar camp shower work?

Solar camp showers work by using the sun’s energy to heat up water that’s stored in a bag or tank. This hot water is then used to give you a nice, relaxing shower. Some solar camp showers even have an on-demand option, which means you can choose to have either hot or cold water.

How can I stay clean without a shower?

There are a few ways to stay clean without taking a shower. One way is to use a wet wipe to clean your body. Wet wipes can be used to clean your face, hands, and body.
Another way to stay clean is to take a bath. A bath can be used to clean your entire body. You can also use a bath to relax. If you do not have access to a bath or shower, you can use baby wipes to clean your hands, face, and body.

How long can you go without showering in the winter?

Showering is a daily habit for most people, but what happens when you can’t shower for days on end? Many people might think that they would start to smell bad, but that’s not always the case. In fact, you can go quite a few days without showering in the winter and not smell too bad.
The key to not smelling bad in the winter is to wear warm clothes that cover your body. If you’re wearing a lot of layers, sweat won’t be as noticeable. You should also make sure to drink plenty of water, so you don’t get dehydrated.
If you do have to go a few days without showering, make sure to take a bath once you finally get the chance. A bath will help remove any built-up sweat and dirt from your skin.

How often should you shower in winter?

How often you shower during the winter months depends on a variety of factors, including your activity level, climate, and personal preference. Sweat and bacteria can combine to create an unpleasant body odor, so some people may choose to shower more often during winter. Others find that they don’t need to shower as often because the cold air helps keep them feeling fresh. Ultimately, it’s up to each individual to decide how often they should shower in winter.

Do you need to shower every day in winter?

If you live in a cold climate and are active outdoors, you may need to shower more often to stay clean and comfortable. If you live in a milder climate or are mostly inactive, you may be able to go longer between showers. Just be sure to pay attention to how your skin feels and adjust your bathing habits accordingly.


In conclusion, camping during winter is a very difficult task, so you have to make sure to get the proper gear, and you are prepared to shower in the wild. There won’t be any warm and cozy places like home out in the cold wild. It might be a challenging task, but at the end of the day, it will be a fun experience if you survive until the end.

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