Camping is loved by everyone as it is a peaceful and happy experience for all, but it all changes when you keep getting bitten by mosquitoes. It’s almost as if those small suckers target the happiness inside you and suck it out. Not only do they suck out your blood, chances are that they also injected you with dangerous diseases, so we are always concerned about HOW TO KEEP MOSQUITOES AWAY WHILE CAMPING.

According to doctors, approximately 1 million people die every year around the world due to mosquito-borne diseases, and that is a huge amount of the human population. Therefore, to prevent yourself from getting bitten and aggressively scratching your skin, let us make sure how to keep these creatures of evil at bay.


Using Mosquito Repellents:

Everyone has kryptonite of their own, which can make them weak, and just like that, mosquitoes do not like specific odors, and we can use that to our advantage. Companies have made thousands of different types of mosquito repellent sprays and creams. Mosquitoes target their victims depending on the smell of the skin.

Using Mosquito Repellents

Therefore, the repellent contains DEET aka Diethyltoluamide which blocks the sense of smell for these mosquitoes when they come nearby and are unable to sense its prey anymore, they no longer attack. They do not kill mosquitoes, as it only repels and counteracts them. In the case of creams, just take a bit of it and rub it on your skin. However, don’t take a lot and put it on your skin as it might cause an allergic reaction and cause irritation. The same goes for spray, as you shouldn’t spray it directly on your skin. You must spray it either on your clothes or on your shoes.

Safety Tips for using Mosquito Repellents:

  1. Never use products that combine with DEET and Sunscreen
  2. If you are interested in using sunscreen and DEET then apply sunscreen and after that Sunscreen
  3. Never apply repellent to children hands or allow young children to apply themselves
  4. Be careful using repellent over skin wounds, cuts, even irritated skin areas.
  5. Try to follow instructions as per product label .

Using a Proper Mesh:

Mosquitoes usually attack at night when they have clear vision while you are sleeping. So, there isn’t any way to defend yourself by getting up and killing them, as you will be deep asleep. To protect yourself, make sure the tent doors are sealed properly before sleeping and make sure the mesh is legit and has no holes in it as a small tiny teared-up hole can invite several mosquitoes inside the tent. Mosquitoes can get in easily but will not want to leave if you try to make them.

Using a Proper Mesh

Before purchasing any tent from out there, we suggest you check our recommended tent’s section, in which you will get complete information regarding a good tent for you. Let’s see the good features of a tent :

  • UV Protection
  • Build Material
  • Floor Space
  • Ventilation
  • Weight of Package

Sealing the tent before sleeping isn’t enough, as mosquitoes can get in during normal hours and hid in the darkness and will only strike once everyone goes to sleep. Therefore, make sure the tent doors are wide open or kept open for long periods of time during the day.

Using Natural Oils:

Nowadays, people love the smell of essential oils so, put them in humidifiers to make the area aromatic. Now, take a wild guess to see who hates the smell of essential oils. That’s right. Mosquitoes. However, you can’t carry your humidifier all the way to the camping site and power it up. In that case, you have to make your own homemade essential oil repeller. Take out the following essential oils and add 10-15 of each in a bottle.

  • Sage
  • Eucalyptus
  • Lavender
  • Rosemary
  • Mint
  • Cedar wood
  • Thyme

After adding them in a bottle, now add a ½ cup of water accompanied by ½ cup of witch hazel and finally a tablespoon of rubbing alcohol. Now that all the ingredients have been added, it’s time to seal the bottle and shake it up so that they all mix together, even though water and oil will split up amongst themselves.

Using Natural Oils

Alright, you are now set up with your own homemade mosquito repeller which you can spray on your clothes and shoes and enjoy an evening free of mosquitoes. You can also spray in small amounts inside the tent to get rid of mosquitoes. You can also give the tent an aroma with the help of your new scent.


Apart from creams and spray repellents, we also have bracelets that repel mosquitoes. They are in the shape of coiled wire with elastic properties so that size isn’t a problem for anyone. Its purpose is to release mosquito-repelling chemicals into the air, which will then fabricate a defensive shield around you and protect you from mosquitoes.

Obviously, you can’t see the shield as it’s invisible in the air, but you will understand its effects once you release it you aren’t getting bitten by any mosquitoes. It is most beneficial for kids, as it might be harmful to spray DEET around and on their clothes.


Many companies now have come up with coils that can be used to perform a stunning blow to the mosquitoes. They are usually dark gray and black in color and are available in spiral shapes. All you have to do it light up the end of the coil and keep it in a place where mosquitoes might be present. This will then burn with smoke which when inhaled by mosquitoes can cause them to faint and fall down and in some cases, actually kill them.

Using Coils

With all its benefits, it’s not as perfect as it seems to be, as it can be dangerous to human beings. They can cause major respiratory diseases and possibly lung cancer if inhaled for quite some time, as they contain harmful metals and substances in them. They can also cause rashes and allergies on skins. Furthermore, they are mostly harmful when it comes to children, but they will still affect people of all ages.

Clean and Dry Environment:

Mosquitoes love wet and watery environments, as they can easily lay eggs there. Therefore, while looking for sites, make sure the place is dry, clean, and away from swamps and ponds. Even after you set up camp in a dry location, always try to keep it neat and tidy, as thrown away foods and dirty dishes can attract mosquitoes and many other bugs. So, do the following things when it comes to food disposal in the wild.

  • Wash the dishes right after you finish eating without any delay.
  • Make sure to properly preserve the food in an airtight container with a secure lead immediately after mealtime.
  • Do not throw trash around the tent as it will attract all sorts of wild creatures. Instead, put them in a bin bag and dispose of them far-away from the camping site.
  • Quickly clean the dinner table before and after it is used for eating anything to prevent any food residue or smell from being left being and becoming a beacon for wild creatures.

Additional tip:

Always make sure to wear full sleeves t-shirt and full trousers so that mosquitoes can’t bite you as your skin is covered. Also, wear gloves and socks if possible, as they will provide extra protection against these wretched creatures.


Why does smoke keep mosquitoes away?

Ans: Smoke reduces oxygen in the air. To sustain, mosquitoes require oxygen, but the smoke creates plenty of pressure on the internal function of their body So that mosquitoes always stay away from smoke.

Why do fans keep mosquitoes away?

Ans: Of course, fans are very effective in keeping away mosquitoes from you. But it never brings a permanent solution for you because it never kills mosquitoes, it just hinders them to come to you.

Can vinegar keep mosquitoes away?

Ans: Definitely, the ingredient of vinegar creates high acidity, which is very effective for pest control. Especially mosquitoes and other insects can not tolerate the acidity of the vinegar, so they remain away from vinegar. When you are camping in a forest or jungle and even in mountains, do not forget to take the bottle of vinegar spray with you.

Can lavender keep mosquitoes away?

Ans: Lavender is one of the plants whose flower oil is very effective in killing mosquitoes. If you are in the jungle or a forest always keep in mind one thing if you have a lavender plant with a flower just pluck the flower and rub it till the end it produces some juice then mingle with some drops of oil if you have otherwise used it without any confusion.

Which plants keep mosquitoes away?

Ans: There are several plants that are really effective in controlling mosquitoes which are :

  • Lavender
  • Rosemary
  • Mint
  • Cedar Wood


Considering all the facts, mosquitoes can be a nuisance to people of all ages, starting from kids to old grandparents. They don’t seem to be dangerous creatures due to their size and the fact that they can transmit very dangerous diseases around all by sucking our blood which makes them a menace to our society. You can however use several methods to protect yourself from them and save yourself from irritating skin scratching. Take preventive measures and do not let them ruin your camping experience. Happy Camping!

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