Camping is for freedom of souls, and the souls need beer to charge up. But those beers have to be chilled to satisfy the soul’s thirst. Hot beer doesn’t make sense, as they are not even beer at all. It is difficult to keep the beers cold for the whole trip during camping. It is difficult but not impossible. To avoid drinking hot beers during camping, you need to read the following article. Here we have discussed the way to keep your beers cold while camping.

Start from home:

The first way to keep them cold starts at home. Beers that will travel with you in your camping must be kept in a freezer to make it cold before traveling. Make your ice blocks to carry with you. The larger the blocks will be the longer they will last during camping keeping your beer cold. Apart from beers, keep your water bottles in an ice state to help the beer keep cold. So the process starts from home.

Start from home

Cans over bottles:

While choosing bottles of beers or any other beverage with you, prefer cans over bottles. Bottles are not capable of withholding the coldness of Cans. Cans can keep their chilled temperature for a very long time. If you can’t find cans around you, try glass bottles over plastic bottles to keep them cold for a long time.

Cans over bottles

Carry an Ice Box:

The best way to keep your beers cold is by carrying your Icebox. There are many iceboxes in the market but not everyone is for your use. Find the perfect one in terms of persons and duration of the camping. If the camping is for more than 5 people, try to find a larger one.

Ensure that the icebox is well insulated. If the insulation is not good, you may find hot beers in your icebox. That will be a horrible experience for you. If you are camping in hot weather, try to keep the beers in the inner part of the box. And in cold weather, try to keep them on our wall.

Solar-Powered Coolers:

The use of solar-powered coolers can be excellent if your budgets allow you. There are some cool solar-powered coolers for use and they keep the beers super cold in any weather. There are some battery-powered coolers that can come in handy if used wisely. You can use your electricity from cars to keep it cold.

Keeping beneath Cool Dirt:

If you don’t have an icebox with you and still want to keep your beers cold, You can try burying it under cold dirt. While camping, finds some shade where the ground is cold. Remove some dirt and keep your beers beneath it. You will always find some chilled beers to drink.

Keeping beneath Cool Dirt

Sink under flowing water:

While camping, try to find out a water source. Just keep your beers under the flowing water and keep them cold forever. Flowing water doesn’t hold temperature. Rather they are an easy source of cold water. Using that cold water to keep your beers cold is a great idea. All you have to do is tighten them up with something. Otherwise, the beers make flow away with the flowing water. You can also try to sink under the well if any.

Sink under flowing water

The Scotsman Method:

The Scotsman method is very handy. All you have to do is to rip off one of your t-shirts. Then keep the beers inside it, make it wet with some water, and hang it somewhere windy for 30 minutes and you will have chilled beer. Evaporated water has a cold effect on beer, just like our bodies.

After heavy sweating, if you sit somewhere windy, your sweats disappear and make your body cold. The same effect happens here. This is the most widely used method during camping.

Camping during cold weather:

Any outdoor activity is better enjoyed during winter. So you can try camping during the winter season. This will keep your beers automatically cold. If you can find snow, then this experience becomes heavenly. Just dig it in snow and enjoy your camping.

High altitude camping:

High altitude is always colder than low altitudes. So planning to go camping at a high altitude keeps your beers cold for enough time to enjoy your stay.

High altitude camping


The above are the ways by using which you can keep your beers cold. Which method you are using entirely depends on how many people you are camping with.  If there are more people, you will need a large icebox with a solar-powered cooler.  It may be a bit pricey, but buying a solar-powered cooler can be an excellent option for you.  It will help you In the long term, and you can continue your camping for multiple days.

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