A guide on how to cover car windows for sleeping during car camping

how to cover car windows for sleeping

We have just one question for you, and that is, do you love sleeping a lot? I bet you do. Furthermore, I mean, who doesn’t want to get a peaceful sleep at night? Sleeping is a natural behavior in all kinds of living creatures, where we tend to rest for quite some time with our eyes closed in an unconscious state.

However, sleeping can get quite challenging during car camping, as our body tends to stay half awake when sleeping in new territory to stay aware of potential dangers in the surroundings. Luckily, we have some solutions for you that will help you in covering up your car, and you can sleep peacefully in your car. In this article, we will elaborate on the steps of how to cover car windows for sleeping during camping.

How to cover car windows for sleeping

Covering car windows for sleeping during car camping is really challenging for everyone, so we have come up with solutions of how to cover car windows for sleeping here rather than getting worried. We know how important it is to sleep during camping, without proper sleep you cannot enjoy the whole journey in your car. As you intend to do car camping, sleeping is more important to save yourself from an unpleasant car accident. Let’s have a look at the steps or solutions.

Cover car windows for sleeping

Step 1# Try to tint your windows:

Most people will be like, how can transparent glass windows provide any sort of shade and cover up any kind of sunlight that falls inside the car? Easy, as all, you need to do is go to any workshop and tint your windows to a dark color, which will prevent sunlight from entering your car, and let you sleep peacefully in the morning without any outside disturbance.

Try to tint your windows

While you can tint your windows yourself, it is better to have it done by a professional as they have more experience in this arena compared to you, but anyway you can still try to put it on by yourself and learn something new every day.

Step 2# Creating your own curtains:

Now, by reading the sub-heading, you might be thinking how can I possibly bring my home curtains and fit them inside the car? Worry not as this is totally not the case as you need to bring some long sheets from home which will serve as an extra piece of cloth and use it to hang on top of your window and voila, there you have your own car window curtain now. Now it isn’t always easy to hang up curtains inside the car, therefore, we will now make sure you know the only 2 ways to do it.

Creating your own curtains

Using Clips:

For this hanging method, you will need medium-sized binder clips and a long sheet that will serve as your curtain. Pull the curtain up and hand it to the handles present up top with the medium-sized binder clips, and you are all set now with your own curtain.

However, sometimes if not tightly set up, then the clips will fall off which will lead to putting them back up again. Therefore, make sure to clip them on firmly the first time to prevent extra effort.

Pulling down the window:

For this hanging method, you don’t need any extra items, as one long sheet cloth is enough in this case. All you need to do is pull the window down a little and take the top part of the sheet and put a small portion of it outside the window.

Now, pull up the window and make sure that the portion you put outside is there and a bit of it gets stuck on top of the window once it’s pulled up. This way your indoor curtain will stay on for quite some time and provide you some shade unless someone accidentally pulls the window, which will lead to the long sheet falling down, and you will have to set it up again.

Step 3# Using bug screens:

Bug screens are very beneficial when it comes to blocking off sunlight and keeping the interior of your car dark. All you need to do is just purchase some bug screens from any car accessories shop that sells them and stick the rubber suction point onto the car glass window and you are all set. However, sometimes they will come off after staying sucked onto the glass window for quite some time. Therefore, you need to attach them back to the glass window from time to time.

Using bug screens

There are some versions of it that come with the rubber suction point. But how will those stick onto the glass window? Easy, they will not. Instead of attaching them to the glass window, you can hang those and not worry about them falling off and putting them back on. By using this type of bug screen, you can keep your window open slightly or completely without worrying about any type of insect invading your car while enjoying the fresh air from outside and no sunlight inside.

Step 4# Cover your car completely:

Amidst all these solutions, you can try another solution and that is a complete cover-up. In this case, all you need is a very large cloth that is capable of covering your car completely from top to bottom and from front to back without leaving any spots open. This way every single portion of your car is covered and will prevent sunlight from entering you, which will make the interior of your car dark and suitable for sleeping in the darkness.

However, you cannot just use any type of long sheet cloth. If you use a heavy and dark colored cloth, you will be creating a darker environment, but the interior will get very hot, and to prevent that, you need to keep the windows open for proper ventilation. Without proper ventilation, you will suffocate and die due to a lack of oxygen and fresh air.

Nevertheless, using a long light colored sheet isn’t also a wise option either as light colored sheet will allow bits of sunlight to pass through them, which will light up the car’s interior room and prevent you from sleeping properly.

Now, the question stands is that, what is the best combination in this case? In my opinion, I would go for a slightly heavy and medium colored sheet, as this seems to be the perfect combination in this case.

Step 5# Your car has been foiled:

While this might seem like a silly idea out of a Saturday morning cartoon, you can actually create a barrier to block off sunlight using aluminum foil. The idea is pretty simple.

First of all, take a roll of aluminum foil with you, and later on when you want to rest, just bring out the aluminum foil roll and pull the window down a bit and roll out in such a way that both sides of the window is covered with foil. Roll a bit extra since now you will be pulling the window upwards and that extra bit will cover any sort of extra portion of the window that was left out. This is a simple and a silly idea for covering up.

The car has been foiled

Step 6 #Using a sleeping eye mask:

While this doesn’t require you to completely cover up your car, this method can be used when you have no material or no knowledge on how to cover up your car. All you need is a sleeping eye mask, and you can put it on and go to sleep.

While this might put you to sleep quicker, not covering up your car during the day can cause sunlight to invade your car and heat up the interior of your car really fast. Moreover, not covering up your car during the nighttime will allow carnivorous predators to take a look at the inside of your car, which might either lead to two different problems. One would be the predator can see the food inside your car and might try to get in for the food or two, the predator might try to hunt you and will get in your car by any means necessary.

Now, the main question is why does one need to cover up car windows for sleeping? The first answer would be to get a quiet, peaceful sleep without being distracted by the surroundings and without letting the sunlight light up the car’s interior and heat it all up. The second answer is a simple one, and it’s called privacy. All human beings need a bit of privacy while resting up and covering up your car gives you the perfect solution when it comes to wanting a bit of privacy.


Q1: What can I use to cover my windows in my car?

Ans: There are a few different ways to cover your car windows. If you want to keep the sun out, you can use window tinting film. This is a thin film that you can put on your windows, and it will help keep the sun out. You can also use a sunshade to keep the sun from shining in your car. Sunshades are made of cloth or metal, and they attach to the window with suction cups. They come in different sizes, so you can choose the one that fits your car best. Another option is to use curtains or blinds. You can buy curtains or blinds that fit over your car windows, or you can make them yourself.

Q2: Does a car cover protect from heat?

Ans: When it comes to protecting your car from the heat, there are a few different things you can do. One is to park in the shade, but another is to use a car cover. A car cover can protect your car from the sun’s heat, and can also keep it cooler when you’re driving. This is because a car cover blocks out the light and keeps the air around the car cooler.

Q3: How do you make privacy shades for car camping?

Ans: There are a few ways to make privacy shades for car camping. One way is to use a tension rod and some fabric. The tension rod can be placed in the window frame, and the fabric can be draped over it to create a shade. This method is easy to set up and takedown, and it doesn’t require any tools or hardware.

Another way to make privacy shades for car camping is to use some PVC pipe and elbow joints. The PVC pipe can be attached to the window frame, and then the elbow joints can be used to create a canopy over the window. This method is more permanent, but it provides more coverage than the tension rod method.

Finally, you could also use some blackout curtains or panels for privacy shades in your car. These can be attached to the windows with hooks or velcro, and they will provide complete coverage from view.


At the end of the day, it isn’t always possible to sleep without covering up the spots that supply the beams of light. Try sleeping in an opaque walled room and a transparent glass room and tell me the difference. I am certain that the opaque walled room will provide a better and more comfortable sleep compared to the transparent glass room. Covering up your car windows isn’t a hard job as you need to spend a few minutes and a bit of effort on it, and you will be all set up. Therefore, don’t forget to cover up and let the sunlight invade, and as always Happy Camping!

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