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How to use the toilet when camping

If you’re a camper or a backpacker, you know that toilets OR bathroom can be a big problem when you’re out in

Inflatable vs Solid Kayak

Kayaks are a popular water sport and can be used for a variety of activities. But which one is better for you?

Paddleboard vs Kayak

Do you prefer to surf, paddle, play games or just hang out? The type of paddleboard or kayak you buy will depend

Kayak VS Pontoon

Hello There! It seems that you are planning to go fishing with your friends. That sounds very delightful. However, seems like there

River kayak vs sea kaya

We all love to kayak whether it be a 50yr old adult or a 17yr old teenager since kayak doesn’t have any

Longer Kayak vs shorter kayak

Hello There! So you are planning to go on an aquatic retreat with your friends and one of the activities you guys

How to Transport a Kayak

Did you ever transport a kayak all by yourself? You might’ve gotten one at the store and then they delivered it to

How to store kayak in garage

Let me guess, you wanted to go on a kayak trip with your friends, and then you went to a very fine

fishing canoe vs kayak

Most of the time, we get confused about canoes and kayaks. Though some similarities are found in looking at both boats, so

Kayaking camping trips

We all love to camp, from kids in the boy’s scout to the old grandpa going on a peaceful and quiet retreat

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